Portfolio Qatar takes the improvement of the customers satisfaction as one of the most important to business management. Contribution to society in our business activities from getting the project & the design,built,handover,procuremnet,delivery,setting up & providing the best service to our customers and value to our society.

Portfolio Qatar meets the customers needs,expectations & strives to provide the best solutions,products & Service to the customers trust & satisfaction. We continously improve the effectiveness of our quality management system & progress further quality in all business activities.



Portfolio Qatar is dedicated to the protection of its employees from the on the job injuries & Preventing the accidental loss of any ots resources,including employees and physical assets.
Im fulfilling this commitment to protect both people & Propert,management will provide & maintain a Health & Safety Program in accordance with industries Standards & in Compliance with legislative requirements, & will striveto eliminate any forseeable hazards which may result in personal injury, illness, accidents and.or property damage.
All Employess ill be equally responsible for working safely in job sites.Safe work practices & procedures will be clearly defined in the company company Manual for all the employees to follow. Accidental loss can be controlled through good managemnet in combination with active employee invilvemnet. Safety is the direct responsibility of management,supervisors & employees.

Management accepts the responsibility for leadership of the safety & health program,for its effectiveness & improvement, & for providing the safeguards required to ensure safe conditions.


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